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no 4k netfilxs or amazon

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hi guys ,,so i cant find out why i cant play 4k video on my 6700k 2080ti pc ,,and why can i watch 4k youtube ,,and i can get 4k netflixs if i get MS edge web ,it work but not with 2 displays ,,when i unplug my monitor it works whit my tv  ,,but what i dont get is why im watching 4k youtube im useing 3% cpu and 13% gpu ,,and runs perfect ,,so if i had one gb internet i shud be able to run 8x 4k youtube videos,,,so what im saying is my pc can run 4k games and 4k movies and 4k you tube but not 4k netfilxs or amazon ,,i meen i could use my smart tv to play them in 4k ,but defeats the point of having  two  displays ,,it reely anoys me that my pc cant do what my tv dose ,,to be real it just sound like a  cash and grab from intel and netflixs and amazon makeing people have to upgrade ,or get left behind ,,witch is bull shit cos nearly all there cpu are refresh of all there cpus ,,hell a 4 gen i7 is still way too good even tho its five gens behind ,,it just feel like a huge piss take 

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