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Trouble with Nvidia Surround

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi! So I'm trying to connect 2 DIY monitors to my laptop to use in surround and have some issues. I can extend to the 2 external monitors fine, Nvidia Control Panel picks up everything fine and I can select between the 2 external displays. The problem is that Surround will only allow 2 displays to be connected and it makes it so my laptop display HAS to be one of them. I had to use moninfo to trick it into making my laptop display think it's one of the external ones to even allow the laptop display to be even selected except now it has the opposite problem :|

I can't choose the 1x3 topology but I can choose which of the 2 external monitors can be used. How do I make it allow for 3 monitors?


XMG PRO 15 / Clevo PB51EF-G

RTX 2070

i7 8750H

Corsair Vengeace 2666mhz 2x8GBsurround.thumb.png.2635a231e3dfe92f047f9c3665e1c8ea.png

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