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getting graphics card audio to work with XP

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So this might be a bit of a challenge. I've installed windows XP into a system with a single core Athlon 3800+ CPU,(which will be upgraded to a quad core phenom 2 X4 955 CPU when I buy a FX CPU and motherboard for my main rig), with 4GB of DDR2 ram and a 2GB Radeon HD6450 graphics card. I'm trying to figure out how to get audio to come out of the hdmi port into the television I have it hooked up to. I know this card is capable of doing this as I had it in a windows 7 build. The installation disk that came with the graphics card doesn't seem to work with xp even though on the box it says the card is compatible with XP. I did find some video drivers for this card for XP online and installed them but I still can't seem to get the system to utilize it as an audio output device,(even though the device manager recognizes it as one). My only other option that I know would work would be to install an audigy 2 sound card I have and run separate speakers for this system,(had used it in a computer with a pentum 4 with XP when I couldn't get mobo audio to work), but I'd like to be able to just run the audio to the television for convenience.


I don't know if it'll help to know but this is the motherboard I'm running in this system. I'm thinking if I can sort out the audio issue and the 955 CPU goes in it, it'll be quite a nice little retro gaming PC

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