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Desktop and Server All in One Custom Case Build Theory!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey LTT Group,


I had this crazy thought that popped in my head the other day. Plus, I enjoy seeing Linus and everyone create your custom PC's I wanted to propose am idea for a complete PC/Server bundle.

1 Custom case housing 2 separate Motherboards, 1 desktop 1 server, Make it Workstation or Gaming Desktop doesn't matter, Cooling method whatever you come up with preferred Liquid cooling.

Server must have a hot-swap HDD system (SSD or Mechanical) So this would be trick 1, trick 2 would be to have an interface capable to interact between the two systems using same keyboard and mouse.

Maybe there is a keyboard mouse bundle that has a system switch built in. 

Anywho, like I said a crazy concept... I hope it is one that sparks a new fun video!


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That would be pretty interesting.


I wonder what steps would have to be taken to combat the amount of heat all those parts are gonna kick out, though.

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Why don't you just get a high cores cpu and run unraid, split the core in to 2 different setup and use KVM to control.

Put the sata in AHCI or RAID mode and it would be hot swapable. Get a hotswap dock and you're good to go.


Just like the "gaming" moniker, "server" part is pretty much the same as desktop.

Nothing special.

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