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Posted · Original PosterOP

Recently built my first computer, not too sure if the temps are the best in my 500h. 


Build list:

Intel i5-9400f

Nvidia EVGA RTX 2070

Gskills 16gb kit (2x 8GB)

Corsair 750w power supply

Corsair ML fans 120mm/140mm

Corsair h100 AIO cooler

Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD

Samsung M.2 1TB



Idle temp is around 38-40, had a few programs running while i was playing some games and temps went up to 50-51 while playing on ultra settings. 

I know those are pretty decent temps but id like some insight into how i could possibly position fans better and get better overall air flow. 


Thank you.



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General rule of thumb is front and bottom intake, rear and top exhaust. 


Presuming an Nzxt H500 case, H100 in the front as intake. Fans on the rear & top as exhaust. As good as you are going to get.

80+ ratings certify electrical efficiency. Not quality.


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