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Motaz Wezza

video games and streaming on LTE routers

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Hey All,


I hope all is well


I just watched LTT recent video about upgrading the wifi And I just have a small question, I am currently living in a place where broadband is super slow I mean like less than 1 MB in download and less than 100 kB in upload and, I am currently connecting to the Internet through an unlimited plan from the phone provider through a 4G Sim inside a router, I recently started buying computer parts to build my first computer to start gaming/streaming/video editing, however with those terrible speeds I’m unable to do so and when I test the 4G speed it’s actually kind of decent, you can reach up to 30 to 40 MB download And 10 to 15 MB of upload, my main question however would be the ping or latency in video game, so I was hoping if you can help me find a good 4G Sim card router that will give me good speed and at the same time low latency for video games and streaming at the same time. 




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