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Upgrading my PC.

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Hey, I am upgrading my computer from a 4th gen i5 to an i7 8700k. Unfortunately I'll have to buy another motherboard due to socket incompatibility. I don't want to burn my money on a extremely high end motherboard as I couldn't care less for the extra features and RGB. After taking a look at pcpartpicker, I believe the MSI Z390-A PRO is a solid choice. Should I go with it or should I get something a bit more high end? Thanks a lot! 

And also, I am looking for a good liquid cooler as I plan on overclocking the i7. Can I get any 2-fan H series (H115i Extreme Performance or H100i) corsair liquid cooler and I'll be fine? Or should I get something more sophisticated?

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Wait for Zen 2. No point for the 8700k when the 3600 is comming in half a month

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