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Picking out a security camera

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I need some help finding a security camera for my apartment.  Long story short, my neighbor creeps me the F out and while I don't worry about my possessions I do worry about the safety of my dog.  I'm looking for a camera I can point at the front door.

My biggest needs are:
Notifications of motion (nobody should be entering my apartment when I'm gone, and the dog will be caged so it shouldn't trip it)
Video feed to mobile when it detects motion
If possible it would be crazy awesome to be able to hook it up to speakers and be able to speak to whatever would be idiot breaks in to let them know I've called the police.

I don't want it to have a swivel function because I know how easily people can hack in to these things.  I'd prefer it to also not pick up sound, but not a deal breaker.  Resolution needs to be solid and needs to capture a decent amount of frames.  Storage could be to a cloud or an HDD or a micro SD, doesn't really matter.

Price range would be $150 or less.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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1 minute ago, Shrepto said:


You can just install the Alfred app on any android phone and it'll work with motion sensing and all of that.

I edit my posts a lot, Twitter is @LordStreetguru just don't ask PC questions there mostly...



What is your budget/country for your new PC?


what monitor resolution/refresh rate?


What games or other software do you need to run?



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At that price range you'd either be looking at a solution from NEST or Amazon and paying for cloud storage each month...


Or buying an inexpensive camera of Amazon (e.g. hikvision) and hooking it up to either an existing NAS or computer (possibly with BlueIris)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'd prefer to not leave a computer on at all times, just seems like at that point the cost of keeping it on, even at idle would come in around the same cost of a subscription.

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ltt did a video on using rpi 0s for this don't remember what it is called.

into trains? here's the model railroad thread!

The way to get the specs for my PC. go to the store. Buy some potatos. boil them and mash the. and stuff that in a focus g with a ssd.

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i also like my ring cameras, but you need the online subscription, which i did not see when buying them, so i am locked in to a multiple camera monthly cost..


i personally since i have a server, has been looking into the POE driven unifi cameras.

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