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Arika S

Easy toggle disconnect specific bluetooth device?

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I have a pair of bluetooth headphones that i use with all my devices. I'm looking if there's an easier way to disconnect it from my desktop when i want to use them with my laptop. Obviously i can just turn off bluetooth on my dekstop, but that also disconnects the keyboard i use, i just want to be able to disconnect the headphones instead of having to go to the bluetooth section in settings, find the headphone, select them then click disconnect. then go through the same thing to reconnect them.


Either something i can dump in the system tray, taskbar or even action centre would be very handy.

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You can run a powershell script, replace device friendly name with the Bluetooth name of the device.  Replace disable with enable to activate it again. 


$device = Get-PnpDevice | Where-Object {$_.Class -eq "Bluetooth" -and $_.FriendlyName -eq "FriendlyDeviceName"}

Disable-PnpDevice -InstanceId $device.InstanceId -Confirm:$false

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