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internet speed drops from 200mb to 100mb in an hour

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Posted · Original PosterOP


as it says in the title i have a problem with my internet speed

it used to be fine until about a week ago when it started to drop down after an hour or so of restarting the router/modem.

 on WIFI 5g tho i get the full speed,

  i tested it with a 1Gb device and a cat6a cable and it always drops after a while below a 100

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I sometimes go under 1Mbps ... in 4G lol... we don't have the same problems but i think you should ask your ISP for support if you are sure that you don't have problems on your side.

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Internet speeds might go down when it's raining (not necessarily in your area, but also in the area where your ISP is located), so if it is winter where you live, that might be the problem. otherwise- contact your ISP and report your problem.

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