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"PSU's cant cause freezes"

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Posted · Original PosterOP
29 minutes ago, fasauceome said:

Some combination of overestimating how much the parts draw, bragging rights, and wanting the ability for multi GPU in the future,  but none of those are too compelling for the average user.

Thought so.....Well yeah im gonna look at changing my PSU in the near future and hope my issue is resolved. I'm not greatly worried about it at this stage as the worst that can happen is if im in the top 10 of a Fortnite game, i dont win if it freezes on me hahhaah. Thanks again for your help.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Come to think of it, could these freezes that happen every blue moon, damage any hardware? I seem to just force restart and im back on my way and dont think it would harm anything else but im not 100% ?

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