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Is Navi gonna be obsolete? Leaks say the SUPER may be an all new graphics card line.

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Well I think AMD were quite proud and excited to release the Navi based Radeon RX 5700 series at E3 this week. But their celebrations might be extremely short lived as we have leaks from NVIDIA from a 'reliable source' which seem to say that the SUPER teaser that was uploaded to NVIDIA's youtube channel shortly before Computex is in fact a hint at a new line of graphics cards that will improve/refresh the RTX line-up (Though whether the ray-tracing performance (in the small amount of games that support RTX) improves remains to be seen.) NVIDIA's DLSS also looks like it needs a refresh too if the annoucements of AMD Radeon Image Sharpening, FidelityFX and AntiLag at E3 are anything to go by. Radeon Anti-Lag, FidelityFX and Image Sharpening



Ladies and gents, I can confirm that SUPER series is very much a new lineup in its own right and contains a new flagship: The RTX 2080 Ti SUPER (yes, even the 2080 Ti is getting a SUPER version). Oh and launch date? sooner than you might think, it’s going to be a SUPER summer after all.

Article author Usman Pirzada has hinted at a annoucement on the 6/21 when NVIDIA's 'Super Summer starts.'


Turns out, there is an RTX 2080 Ti SUPER variant and its a brand new chip. It’s not an old part and it’s not a repurposed Quadro part (trust me, I asked). Oh, and its completely unlocked, meaning the AIBs can have 300 watts TDP on this thing if they wanted to – and knowing the insane custom designs that come out of AIBs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this. I don’t have the exact specifications of the chip or the exact pricing yet but I am fairly confident this will have a higher core count as well as faster GDDR6 memory.

It sems like NVIDIA is moving each of its product up a tier as the 2080 SUPER will be an unlocked non-OC 2080Ti chip. There is also a 2070Ti SUPER as well but I have doubts about whether this will be the name as there is not a 2070Ti in the current RTX lineup. the 2060 SUPER and the 2070 SUPER will be an unlocked RTX 2070 non-OC chip and the 2070 SUPER will be the same but with a 2080 chip. Plus AIBs will probably engineer the heck out of the cooling and features on these cards considering the unlocked potential. This article also says that the entirely new cards i.e. the 2080Ti SUPER and the 2070Ti SUPER will be delayed since they are entirely new chips. The 2060, 2070 and 2080 SUPER will come from the existing RTX chips in the 2070 2080 and 2080Ti respectively


This likely means the regular RTX series will have price drops to entice more people to turn RTX on. This also completely spoils AMD's plans, as the current RTX lineup will be cheaper or at the same price as AMD and the refreshed cards will be miles better than what AMD has to offer. Though I'd point out that AMD has more room in their product stack to increase compute unit size and memory as well. But its looking as if NVIDIA will still be on top and AMD will be lagging behind.





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There is a ongoing discussion of the rumored Super RTX's here:


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