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Germany only Display? 32:9 1440p 120hz

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello Everyone,


it's time for me to switch my monitor in the upcoming weeks, so i started looking for viable candidates.


When i stumbled upon the Samsung "C49RG94SSU" (Price on German Amazon 1394€).



I tied providing an english page, but as soon as i am switching to UK or anything else i can't find the product on samsungs page...


Since the number of reviews isn't to high, i was looking for good video-reviews on this product, but wasn't able to find any interesting stuff.

Also i am quite confused, because nearly all of the feedback i was able to find is german only.


Anybody ever heard of this beast of a monitor?



Best Regards


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10 minutes ago, FsRockT said:


Definitely not a Germany only monitor.

Just that the model number is probably different, so when you search for germany model number you only find germany reviews and stuff.


When you search just for "Samsung CRG9" you get more reviews.

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Why are you interested in this monitor?

You could get 2 better single displays for that price!

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I just put a up a post in the news and reviews section about this monitor - you might be interested in my take.


BTW, it only rates 120 hz, not 144 hz.



PSU: Corsair rm1000 / MB: ASUS z170-a / CPU: i7 6700k / RAM: 16gb RAM / GPU: Gigabyte 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G / OS: Windows 10 / Screen: Samsung CRG9 (5120 x 1440) / Case: Silverstone FT02 (modded for WC) / Rad: Magicool 180 Triple / Pump: Alphacool VPP755  / Res: Aquabox Professional / CPU Block: EK Supremacy Clear Acetal / GPU Blocks: Bykski N-GV1080TIG1-X VGA for Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G 

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