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How did Apple DO this? - MacBook Pro 2019

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Hey first time poster here. Love LTT videos and this one was great. I just lost my MBP 13'' and need to replace it. Reading this, it sounds like the new 15'' is a winner. Would anyone suggest what the best bang for the buck is and what parts are worth upgrading? My work is primarily devy, in the application security space. So application development, VMs to setup environments as tests and pen testing tools. I do like gaming on the side so wonder if the GPU upgrade is worth it as well. 

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9 hours ago, Jakob Sturm said:

What is the music that plays during the b roll at the beginning??? 


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I would really like to see Apple with a direction as they had whit Steve Jobs at the helm… Sure he made mistakes, sure there were crappy products then as well but the minute they started to answer to shareholders alone was the time they stoped making anything worthwhile… This 2019 MacBook is a really good example: had it been made 1mm thicker it could have better cooling and better battery life not to mention the return of scissor keyboard - and NOBODY but reviewers would notice the difference in thickness! Alas I really hope that this 2019 line - Mac Pro included - will lead to a new life and maybe they can start making good products again in 2020-ish… Though on the software side they seem to be following shareholders to a letter and transforming OSX into iOS ¬¬

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As mainly a Programmer (or to use the modern term....Software Mechanic...), gamer (or the modern term "@#$# noob!") or even office user (or modern term ...sucker) i will never understand people that buy laptops with less than at least 15'' inches! I struggle when i have to use any other than 17'' inches. So even if is a machine created for use in Mars....i wouldnt even look the advertisment leaflet for it!

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