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Do ROG Boards still have the ROG EXT port???

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a ROG front base and was wondering if any of the modern ROG borards have the ROG EXT port still. Last I saw one was on the x399 zenith extreme, but wasn’t listed in the specks. Saw it on the bord in photos.


im asking because it will influence my case decision.


thanks in Advance:.


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I actually have one in my Crosshair VII Hero build. It really only acts as a display. You can't do much with it like you used to be able to. No access to overclock settings. Just strictly info and only when booted into an OS.



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I also have a ROG Crosshair VII Hero and I can absolutely confirm that it has the rog ext port, you can use it to adjust voltages, clocks, and multipliers, etc. and it works with the rog front base as far as I know. It just says it works with a "compatible OC panel device". It looks like the header for an old USB 2.0. I just checked the manual. It's on page 3-23.


I think I've also heard of people using the port as a spare USB 2.0 port as well.

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