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Comparing CPUs for upgrading

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone :) . I am upgrading my cpu from i5 2400. I am tight on budget since i am not earning. My motherboard supports a list of cpus. The link is below.


i7 3770 is for £70 which i cant afford. But what i can afford is Xeon E3-1245. Which i have seen on ebay for £50. I have seen on intel website that their specs are nearly similar. I use the PC mainly for gaming. So i wanted to know if E3-1245 will give me almost the performance as 3770. I have an rx480 and my old i5 2400 pretty much bottlenecks it. Thank you for your replies :) 


Also i do not have an Overclockable board that is why i am not going for the K versions. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, Votivee said:

The E3-1245 would be pretty much equal to the 3770.


You can use this website to see how it will compare to the 3770 and your current cpu:



its not e3-1245 v2 but just e3-1245. Is it still the same? i think v2 is something different. i am not sure. 

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15 minutes ago, Hsuyaa said:

but its not a v2 its just e3-1245. 

Oh, yeah you might want to just save up for the i7

~Air Cooling Advocate~

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