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Qualcomm snapdragon 730 vs 845 vs 855

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay here's the thing, K20 and K20 pro just launched.
And i was thinking to buy one of them.
And let's assume the New 855 is not custom tuned for K20 pro (for now) i.e. it has default configuration 1 x 2.84GHz & 3 x 2.42GHz & 4 x 1.8GHz.

I am more into raw power!, high internet speeds, good picture quality (only to watch movies and videos and not for picture clicking).
i wanted to go for poco f1 but it's screen corners makes me wanna vomit.

So i checked 730 vs 845 vs 855 processors
and 855 doesn't have 

3)  NX BIT

is it gonna make a difference the 855 doesn't the above three things?

and what are those things could you explain them more/detailed with examples; i mean why are they even necessary.

Your help is appreciated, your guys are the best~!


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Raw power on a phone is just stupid considering that it could get thermal throttled at full speed, and you won't see any real difference between the 730 and the 855, it's not a PC, it's a phone, you won't use the full chip for almost anything (maybe in games poorly made like PUBG and so)

The high wifi speed is really subjective, if your router is good enough, you have 500 Mbps Internet and the phone doesn't suffer from a crappy design (like the iPhone 4 antenna) it definitely will be able to handle the speeds (and if you are downloading packets from a fast enough server, not all sites will let you use 100, 200, 500 Mbps)

It looks like you just want a phone to watch movies and social media, just get a phone with a nice screen, I like the OLED displays, check the Samsungs with a 1920x1080 AMOLED display, even the iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone XR could do the job pretty well, the screens are awesome as always

You can check the Pixel 3a too, there's the XL version if you want something bigger with bigger battery

Also, you could check the Huaweis, the Mate 20 Pro is going down on price due to the ban, great display, great battery, great CPU, great everything, big enough to watch movies, and I'm sure US will stop the ban pretty soon and, if not, you'll always get the security patches at least, a powerful phone and for "cheap" (the Nokia 9 PureView is nice too, with pure Android)

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