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Is there a way to interpret large batch of video files from 60p to 24p (slow motion)?

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I have apx 80 video files that i need to send to an editor. the files are currently 60p but i want to interpret them into 24p (slow motion)
i know how to interpret the footage into a 24p timeline in premiere pro  but i cant figure out a quicker way of applying and exporting to mp4 for all 80 files.
Any idea? Adobe Media Encoder?

Once i can interpret each file into 24p im planning on running them through handbrake to mp4 (if it isnt already mp4 after interpreting)

any ideas? please let me know if you need any clarification, im new to video editing and sometimes have a hard time describing what i need


edit: i need to convert to mp4 for small file sizes, i dont care for the loss in quality, its not significant, not a cinematic project. its a very small budget commercial for local business

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Make a timeline preset in Premiere  and then drop each file into its own timeline using the preset.

Select all of the timelines and then go to file export media, and Premiere will then let you export them as a batch with what ever settings you want including as MP4 files directly through Media Encoder.


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Open premiere, import all the 60p videos, right click and select "interpret footage" and set the frame rate to 24 fps, now you can edit without having to tediously go back and adjust the framerate in each clip

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