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Question about airflow

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Back to you once again with some questions about airflow.
i have asked a similair question before but latest measurements have gave rise to doubt about my current picture on the best cooling result.
During the last period, the start of the summer, especially during long gaming sessions i noticed the cpu temperature falling down fairly slow. Its a wonder if i can get the temperatures on the cpu under 40 degrees within a timerange of lets say three hours. I know these temperatures are nothing to 'worry' about but i would like to see if i can drop them faster

For example would changing all exhausts to inlets ( the two fans on the top and the one in the back ) result in better cooling performance, or more airflow in the case its self, based on your experience judgement?

So far using the top fans as either exhaust or inlet didn't gave much effect but that was in the cooler period of the year.


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Try not to overthink the whole airflow thing too much.  In your setup above the two front fans should stay as intake; rear should stay as exhaust.  The front-most fan on the top isn't likely doing much, and may be actually exhausting some cool air before it gets to the other components.  Will be a small effect either way, so I'd remove it to cut down on case noise myself.


The rear-most fan should be exhaust (if you keep it) since heat rises.  Don't try to fight physics by pushing air where it doesn't want to naturally go.


What CPU and cooler?  That would provide some context for you time vs. temp concerns.  Overall, however, if the temps and noise level are within acceptable levels then your airflow is fine.  You can chase tweaks forever (trust me, I went down that rabbit hole), but at the end of the day if there's no "problem" then just leave it as is.

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There are two things I would say here. 1) You can only get so low with just air. Meaning that your lowest under load and idle/low load temps aren't going to be close to what you can have with AIO (0-10% load) or custom loop (any load). 2) Lowest temps you get are combination of more than just airflow. In your case, you have small-ish CPU cooler. That means that <10% load temps will be at 40C range if your room temp is 22C or higher. At 30C+ room temp I expect they are closer to 45C. Because 3) your ambient temp is quite important factor. If you are pushing lower temps inside case, you get components to cool faster. If you push higher temps, like 30-35C, expecting temps to drop from 50C to 40C is reaching a bit.


Overall, if you want lower temps, improve on things that will have most impact. Airflow in already good case and enough fans isn't gonna do that much. It doesn't do that much overall, not when you compare it to actual component coolers and room temp.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Thank you both for answering.
The cpu in question is a ryzen 2600 @60W Tdp and the cooler is a Be quiet Shadowrock 2. A system cooler at 160w TDP.

Maybe i'm overreacting but this is getting kind of a hot stick for me. Just something to pay attention too when the day is over.
I gave it some thought 2day too and ended up with the idea of trying a be quiet darkrock pro 4, a 250w tdp exhaust aimed cpu air cooler. 


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Posted · Original PosterOP

i have to say ( haven't been gaming this evening ) with the 1050ti and the 3400 limit ( i've disabled precision boost ) 
live is bearable ... I heard sundays we have temps around 27 degrees outside so i'll wait untill that has happenend to see how and what..
with a bit of luck three kingdoms is updated so i can use something relative system consuming to see how it works out

I was really affraid to buy that 1050Ti after being used to a 770 for almost five years but all in all... its a nice summer card and perfect for almost any game


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Posted · Original PosterOP

nvm security system was interfering .... 1761 rpm is a bit of to say the least



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