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Alienware 17 vs Asus Zephyrus

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I’ve been planning on buying a new laptop for a while now, and my two best options are either Asus ZEPHYRUS with 1080 max q, or Alienware 17 R5 with a 1070. Both are the around the same price, however I’m not sure about Asus Zephyrus’s durability as i heard many people having QA issues with it. 


Which one would you guys go far and why? Thanks in advance

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Not sure you will find an 17 R5 think they are end of life. Replaced by the new M17 then replaced by the new new M17. I have my 17 R5 replaced with an new M17 as it was having real heating issues, it was the 1080 with i9 though

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Wait for the new models to be released this month from Alienware, if you want to buy one. The new m15 and m17 (r2) are much improved over their predecessors.


In general you should consider not going with a 1080maxq, but for an rtx one. and keep in mind between 60 70 and 80 there are only small increases in performance when it comes to the max q cards

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