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Posted · Original PosterOP

I got a gpu to fully test my plans.


Such a small world as i brought it locally on ebay to save hassle and it was one of my colleagues from work.


As 2 slots wont work this hopefully should.


Palit Gtx 750 1gb with shroud removed



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Cables from pexon have been ordered :)

will up pics when they arrive. Ive left out pcie at the min as i dont know what card ill be using.

cant wait to get this together

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys..


Its moving day :)well for the pc it is

Im going to wait abit more for ryzen 3000 to settle in and probs pair it with a x470 but for now my b450 n 2400g will suffice.




Just replaced all the stock vrm and chipset pads with some that came with my ek backplates from a long ago project. It should be tons better than the white chewing gum that came off it.


Removed old cheap ssd


To add in my larger one


Kingston HyperX Predator 480 GB. Stickers were removed when put into the kryo m.2



Now onto case assembly :)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Still not finished.. waitin cables from pexon so routing isnt final and need to add leds.


Slight upsetting news is my idea didnt work.. i was out by 2mm on clearance :(

Some modding though will have one fit :)


Had a quick power on to check it boots. Couldnt leave it long as no sata power cables



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Update time:


My cables have arrived :) loving the look feel and colours. I think though i should have gotton a slightly longer 24pin but ill find out.15654292971626959413097543090818.thumb.jpg.d5793340868b22559b9e00da3b984d27.jpg


As for the 2mm clearance for gpu ive also brought these. Hopefully i can move the fans to the underside.


Drawer knobs as case feet :)


Weather is crappy at mo so cant paint them yet

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This build took abit of a backburner when i had a couple of issues with the weather being rubbish for painting and my custom cables taking forever. 


Well while the weather still crap and getting worse. I have all my cables and this lil jem. When i saw it i had to have one.15714195629781118051133507976830.thumb.jpg.e9d87bcad7b9910018811b8fe57df47d.jpg


This is the black version.. no where in the uk could i get this.. had to get it from germany (unsure if can say the name)

Im going to leave it stock with all my gold accents


Ordered tuesday arrived today and was cheaper than our uk pricing in total.


Build pics coming soon

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Family and life has delayed any modding but this is where i am at the moment.

Been up and running for a short while and a single slot gpu or slightly over fits fine.


Debating if to stick with a apu or full cpu and gpu. I know the cooler is overkill. I replaced my old one as had it a long time and got this cheap new in box with no fans.




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I always loved Noctua fans color scheme! I'm may be the only one. haha 

Well, it depends if you feel that you need more power... If you don't, stick with the apu but if you need more power and you have the money, go for a cpu and a gpu. That said, if you switch to a cpu and a gpu, I think it needs to be a decent step in "power"... 🤷‍♀️

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Posted · Original PosterOP

To be honest what i have currently is working. Using as a plex server to the whole house. Normally 2 streams at a time 3 on occasion and ive not noticed any hiccups.

Ive also been using it for day to day stuff. I dont really game on pc so apu is best i think.


Im just wondering what the new 4000 apu will bring.

The only things ive done is turned of boost and set negative offsets on the cpu and chipset and notching them down 1 at a time each day and testing with daily use and cinebench.

Its helped bring the temps down i think the new pads i added to the chipset and mosfets have helped. The fans are only spinning at 800rpm ish. Ive liked noctua fans since the 1st time i brought some. Silent and powerful enough to do the job.


New year upgrades im looking at

4000 series apu

Corsair rgb strip

New m.2 drive





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