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Samsung volume control

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Today I went to my grandpa who has a Samsung j6 and I played a YouTube video and I wanted to change the volume. I couldn't believe my eyes , I had a slider for the volume. I was so happy that Samsung finally fix this problem. But when I changed the volume on my s8 I had no slider . I checked if I had the last update and I had it. My phone was repaired TODAY so I had the phone reseted. Am I missing something or Samsung has just one brain cell? Btw , I don't have a problem with Samsung because they push the newest Android on their low-end phone  , I have a problem with the fact that I payed way more for my phone and I am getting this treatment.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
11 hours ago, Joelw2003 said:

I had this on my s8?

If you mean the slider , I don't know , I don't have it and I have a s8 , but my grandpa has it and he has a j6.

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