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Nomy LittleKitten

Looking for a Laptop that wont broke my student wallet

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so a brief stuffs to my unfortunate self ,,i  was using  a dell 5547 with  specs

intel 4th gen i7 4510u 2cores (2.00ghz -3.10ghz turbo)

,amd r7 m265,

8gb ram(4x2)

and a 1tb seagate hdd

back in 2014 when it was retailing at 600$

and the laptop degraded and one of the hinge broke while i was closing the lid and it cracked my screen and the whole body

like it legit broke and its costing me like over 300$ to repair it and the motherboard is shot which adds up 300$ more 

and i dont really wanna spend 600$ on an old laptop  so was looking up at the new amd line up and picked quite an interest

with the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Cpu and i was hoping if you know any laptops with that same cpu i know about the asus one but

its like 900$(100$ shipping included) since im from mauritius all the way in the indian ocean near madagascar so im looking for cheaper options t

han asus it dont have to be slim or pretty i like the bulky looks  just need good specs you know..

and im looking at the H processors cause i really dont care about the battery life cause im always plugged in to a wal to do my gaming/work etc..

and the U ones really gave me a bad experience.

you can give your recommandations if you want

my requirements : 2 Storage slot

                             2 ram slot

                                Decent gpu

                                processor 2.60ghz+

                             able to run Blade&Soul,GTAV,PUbG @ 60fps


                                               School Work

                                               Photoshop,FL studio 12,AdobeAftereffects,Blender

                                               Streaming/recording games

                               @ Least 112/256gb SSD


i was thinking of making a mini atx/itx too you can put some builds that you think it will work out for my needs


my minimum is buget is 600$ - 1000 can stretch it to 1200$


and if you have any under 400$ laptop suggestion just list it also i dont care about batterylife or cosmetics or sound i just want a laptop that have that ummmfff you know lol

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On 5/25/2019 at 10:18 PM, Nomy LittleKitten said:

the U ones really gave me a bad experience

Not for newer ULVs


Any links of online stores?

Feel free to ask for recommendations if you're looking for a new lappy!


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