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Faisal A

Dangerous power supplies

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

@Spotty @LukeSavenije Found a seasonic 350w for £10. Used but still works. Friend said seasonic was a very good company. Is it worth it ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PSU-350W-SEASONIC-SS-350ET-80-PLUS-BRONZE-POWER-SUPPLY-COMPUTER-PC-TOWER-ATX/372633962171

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1 hour ago, Faisal A said:

750w power supply for £20

I bought 650W power supply for $200. BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 (BN251). Less wattage, 8 times more expensive. In LTT tier list it's under "ultra high-end".


38 minutes ago, Faisal A said:

upgraded build will require 400w

BeQuiet Straight Power 11 E11-450W (BN280)

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24 minutes ago, Faisal A said:

Friend said seasonic was a very good company. 

yeah... it doesn't work that way with psus...


from the testing it goes above intel atx spec, bad crossload regulation, no well working overcurrent protection, overpower protection and undervoltage protection, and it's very loud

PSU Tier List 4.0//Motherboard Tier List//Community Standards//ATX Specification//Group Regulation//Topologies and Regulations//How many watts?//PSU Protections

Don't forget to quote or mention me


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On 5/25/2019 at 1:27 PM, Faisal A said:

@Spotty @LukeSavenije Found a seasonic 350w for £10. Used but still works. Friend said seasonic was a very good company. Is it worth it ?

No... That's around 10 years old, and again, amongst other issues it does not have the SATA or PCIe cables your system requires...

I'm afraid you really will just need to increase your budget for the PSU if you plan on buying anything that will work with your system. You'd just be wasting your money otherwise on units that are not compatible.


Looking at Gumtree UK there doesn't seem to be anything worth buying in the used market either.

There's some EVGA 500w W1 PSU for 20 pounds and some Corsair VS450s for 20 pounds. They're junk, and they're used so you don't know what sort of condition they're in, but they might at least work with your system and are better than the 10-15 year old craptastic units you're looking at.


I would strongly recommend increasing your budget. For 37 pounds you can get the Be Quiet System Power 9 400w.

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3 hours ago, Faisal A said:

I have recently seen a budget 750w power supply for £20 made by a company called ACE and was about to buy it until I read on another thread that it is just a ticking timebomb and blows up unexpectedly.

The Problem with too cheap, "no Name" Components is that shortcuts are taken, unsuitable Components are used.

That means that they aren't just a danger for your system, they are a danger for YOU!



For example they could cheap out on the tansformer and save on the isolation a bit wich doesn't isolate the primary from the secondary enough and can lead to a reference to mains or worse put mains on the secondary.

Or use unsuitable Y-Caps across the Transformer that do the same stuff and, at worse, can fail shorted, so that you have mains on the secondary side.


SO buttom Line:
Risk of your Hardware dying, Risk of you dying due to Shock!

That's the price of cheaping out too much.

3 hours ago, Faisal A said:

Has anybody had any negative experiences with that power supply and got recommendations for a safer one thats still cheap ?

The cheapet decent PSU is be quiet System Power 9, 400W.

And that's double the Price.

"Hell is full of good meanings, but Heaven is full of good works"

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On 5/26/2019 at 11:01 PM, Faisal A said:

I think I will use my current one until I buy this cosair one from ebay


Do you want to be electrocuted and potentially killed? You have been given a recommendation for your budget and you are going off any buying a crappy one from eBay for the same price. I dont know much about budget PSU's hence why I didn't recommend anything myself but these guys know their stuff. TAKE THEIR ADVICE

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