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Hard to troubleshoot rebboting issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

 ok, so I'll summarize the best I can (long-ish story)


While playing Arma 3 I am experiencing random PC shutdowns after approx. 1hr in game, then after a second or two the pc starts back up. (after using PC for work from 9am - 5pm, website SEO stuff, nothing heavy)
played again, then pc reboots again, but sooner 30 min in. Played again, PC reboots about same time in game.


Hardware (bought in 2017) use PC 8 hours per day / everyday
Win 10 pro 1809
Ripjaws 3400 ddr4 16gb (2x8)
evo pro 950 (250gb m.2 - OS)
Asus z170 mobo
samsung 250gb SSD
evga 980ti SC acx 2.0
corsair h100i v1
corsair 1000 watt hx1000i psu


cpu temps where fine, except they fluctuate (all over 44-80c while playing)
AIDA64 stress test cpu temps shoot to 100c. Event viewer only shows kernal power as issue during shutdown time.


I've decided to upgrade the cooling to corsair h100i v2, reapply new thermal paste, reseat cpu and all PSU connections.
Temps where a little better, better on AIDA64 test (consistent, no thermal leakage.)


I reinstall OS entirely, but still I have reboot issues. HWiNFO64 running and logs show normal operating levels for all hardware.


I tried using another spare PSU, but still having reboots.

Spoke to local PC shop, we thought possible culprit was CPU overheating, PSU, and or MOBO. After testing some more with other software CPUZ, HWiNFO64, all tests and logs for all hardware checkout at normal operating levels.
so it must be the mobo. Now the fun part, shopping for upgrades!


I now have
Win 10 pro 1809 (reinstalled again, updated)
Ripjaws 2400 ddr4 16gb (2x8)
the same evo pro 950 (250gb m.2 - OS)
gigabyte h370 aorus gaming 3 wifi (lan hardwired)
the same samsung 250gb SSD
the same evga 980ti SC acx 2.0
the same (new) corsair h100i v2
the same corsair 1000 watt hx1000i


played again with same mission, and mods. And reboot happened again! HWiNFO64 shows normal operating levels for all hardware.
CPU is actually a lot cooler and FPS improves by 35% with new setup. All drivers and updates have been applied.

I decided to run passmark, Prime95, Aida64 and arma's benchmark and everything checks out. my pc has no issues, nothing to worry about in the logs about temps, voltages..etc. I do not mess with overclocking either.


I have decided to uninstall Arma 3 and reinstall onto a regular HDD. That seemed to do the trick as I was able to play for about 4 and half hours with no issues. I turned off PC and went to bed. The next day (5/23/2019) After working on PC for 8 hours I played the game again and after an hour or so the computer rebooted. WTF>?!


I am out of ideas.


I have uploaded all of my logs to gdrive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gMTFmZehffTc2QDh8Sxl76DsJ-jSOew7?usp=sharing

feel free to explore them. I couldn't find anything wrong in any files.


I have played other games for about an hour with NO issues. Computer does not reboot at all while I am working.


Can anyone suggest something I have not tried? Have you experienced this before? BTW, I have ran malware scans, updates, driver checks, and I have a legit OS key & programs installed during the tests.


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Are you playing on the same arma server this happens to you? I've had way worse specs than you and played on a ton of arma 3 servers w/o issue. Does this happen for anything else other than arma? Do you use vsync? What is your monitors resolution and refresh rate?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

no, it was all single player.. Funny I post this up and later that night I found out what the issue was my 980ti. It literately went out in a blaze of glory. A little bit of sparks and a poof of smoke. I just upgraded to a evga rtx 2060 and will try again tonight. Hopefully this issue is resolved.


I also played insurgency sandstorm and it rebooted on me. I have 3 acer s22hql @ 1920x1080 w/ 60 refresh rate. Nothing special.



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