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I've been looking for a new mech board and mouse, and I've come across this: The Rosewill NEON lineup. They are a mechanical board and gaming mice that seem too good too be true. The mice boast RGB, a PMW 3325 sensor which is decent, 6 or 8 buttons for anyone who needs them, software, and for $21.99 AUD! It's the same kinda story with the boards, Kahlil browns or blues, full RGB, again software, wrist rest, 3-way cable slot, and again for $69 AUD! Seems too good to be true, but then again Rosewill is a reputable brand, or so I've heard. If anyone has an opinion or has used them before, lemme know in the comments! (And thanks in advance ofc)

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Rosewill is the sorta-cheap Newegg house brand. I'd pass.

Screwdriver specs: Long, pointy. Turns things. Some kind of metal.


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The cheaper neons are not mechanical and the ones that are use Kailh Brown switches which cost over 50 USD.

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