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Computer won't boot into Linux ISO

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Some background here:


This computer is one that I have continually been frustrated with, and given its age, I decided to install Ubuntu Linux on it after wiping the SSD. This is an OEM, by the way. Gateway DX4300-15e if you're asking. It has been a sort of project computer for me since my parents got rid of it (not my main rig).


I burned an Ubuntu ISO onto a blank DVD (I didn't have an empty USB drive sitting around to flash a disk image to) and attempted to boot. Instead of booting (yes, I did select the disk drive as the boot device instead of the SSD through the BIOS) it gave me a black screen, with a small thing at the bottom of the screen. It looked like a white stick figure and something else, I can't remember what.


Can anybody explain why it didn't boot?

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If you got the latest Ubuntu iso you might want to try a Long Term Support build or another Linux distro as well. If you are willing to temporarily give up a USB, I'd try installing it that way too. (Just back up your USB data to your main computer and return it back after the install of Linux completes)

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