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Can I just say what great customer support VOLTA charger has?

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First of all: I'm not sponsored or any any other way than as customer related with them. 

The idea of having one cable for my old micro USB hardware and my new USB type c shit really turned me on. So I ordered one long cable with 3 tips. Here comes my first issue I had: I ordered the wrong tips and they didn't deliver the tips I ordered. It didn't even take 1 day to resolve this issue. They gave me a custom coupon to get another 2 tips for free and I had to pay for shipping while keeping the 2 extra ones (thunderbolt): fair enough.

3 months later... 

My only USB type c tip broke. It just broke in two, exposing all the wire in it. Again, not even 1 day where where they asked for a picture and gave me another coupon for 2(!) tips to replace my 1 broken one.  

I was really mad that the tip broke after just 3 months of daily use, but this amazing, fast customer support sold the company for me. Thumbs up for keeping them as channel sponsor 👍

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