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Photo printing software

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Hi All, 


I recently have been giving more attention to editing down my *.raw photos and started printing the best of them out on paper using my Canon photo printer (TS8150). I use DxO Photolab 2 for managing my collection and the editing in raw, but I'm still searching for a good solution to do the printing part. Make sure the scaling and alignment is right for the paper size etc... 


Off-course you can print from Photolab2, but their settings are really limited. It's seems the software is more geared to edit, do an export to JPEG and then use something else to finish it. I don't have access to light-room and I don't want to go into a monthly subscription plan for it. So I'm looking for a free or one-time-buy alternative. Thanks! 



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41 minutes ago, The_Hawkeye said:


For the record, you don't have to buy the latest from Adobe and be sucked into their pay-per-month fee. Pick up LightRoom 4.4 off eBay for cheap. It's what I use and I'm pretty happy with output. Ditto PhotoShop CS5-6, all have good print engines built in.


AS an alternat, look into this



I believe there is a free trial. It's very nice from what I have used.

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