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AIO Pump to CPU_fan header (DC or PWM or Auto)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone,


Just got through my first ever PC build which I have been dreaming of for years and now finally had the chance. I am using the MSI Z390 Godlike board and the Thermaltake Floee Riing 360 Premium AIO. The motherboard does not have a dedicated AIO header, so I am using the CPU_fan header just as written in the manual. In the BIOS I have the option to choose for the CPU_fan header if I want it to be Auto, DC or PWM. After reading through several threads I found conflicting answers and still not sure what would be the optimal solution. Could any of you please advise? The pump connection is of course 3pin, meaning that it cannot take advantage of PWM as in speed signal, but the CPU_fan header does deliver a constant 12V, meaning the pump is at 100% (if I am not mistaken). 



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The cpu header is PWM by default and leave it there.

As fir the pump i think you can switch it from DC to PWM as for all the rest of the headers in the board.

DC mode, is not like old board you can also set a curve exactly the same way with PWM.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thank you both! On the Mobo, when I have changed the CPU_fan header from DC to PWM, the pump started to run at full. The AIO has its own controller box which one must use, as the connection from the pump and from the fans are proprietary ones. Some say, the best is to have the pump run at full speed, or almost full speed at all times. If I understood correctly, since the pump’s connection is 3 pins, DC or PWM makes no difference in a sense, as DC would control speed by varying voltage, whereas PWM is constant 12V and the speed signal would be via pin4 which is not available in this case. Did I get it correctly?

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My ASRock motherboard seems to automatically detect 3 or 4 pins on CPU/chassis fan headers so I'm able to control RPM on all fan headers. My pump is silent at max RPM, but I still control it with a fan curve. Some newer motherboards have this feature now from what I've been reading on the forums.

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