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USB security camera setup ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

a few month ago my father has asked me how much it would cost approx to get security camera network for our house 2-3 cameras

im only planing this out so far

i know i can buy small usb web cams for super cheap and also have found usb to Ethernet adapters also pretty cheep

utilizing a usb hub would this be in anyway possible ?

any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated 


btw i live in Australia idk if that will help in anyway but just a heads up

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I would just buy a combo set online that comes with a DVR/storage device (don't remember much about it).. 


I wouldn't go wireless unless it's necessary.. I use wireless ones on my house and it becomes a problem once in a while. Just wire it and know that it works without a problem. 


I wouldn't use ones that hook up to your PC, I find it easier to just keep it separate and let the system run 24/7.


If quality of the recording isn't super important, it won't cost that much on Amazon.. The one I got from Amazon (USA) worked with an app so I could look at the cameras anytime.. Worked good enough.. They can get pretty pricey so just get the basic features you need. You don't need 4k or 1440p unless you got money to blow or assets that are super important.. 1080p is more than good enough.. I wouldn't really go lower, myself.. 


Like usual, read the reviews.. If you get a combo set, everything should "just work." 


Good luck! 

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28 minutes ago, ch3w2oy said:

I would just buy a combo set online that comes with a DVR/storage device (don't remember much about it)..


If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

Don't forget to tag or quote in your reply if you want me to know you've answered or have another question.

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