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Low Fps & GPU usage, No throttling/bottleneck

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Posted · Original PosterOP

In other games like Tomb Raider, Sniper GW 3, etc... the GPU usage is 99% with 70+ fps Ultra. But in Team Fortress 2 (TF2), the usage is like 40-50% 100+fps, also comes lower or higher depending on the scenes. There's no throttling as other games prove that. My friend suggested maybe the CPU is 100% in other cores, but it doesn't seem that's the case, here's a screenshot of MSI AB overlay while in-game: https://imgur.com/y3NFJYr. It's 500 fps in that image as the map is low quality and there's no players/fights going on. Even in fights/ton of people, there's no CPU core usage above 90%, tf2 handles multithread very well. (No fps limit too)





16gbx1 (it's shouldn't be ram, cuz the other games use 99% of GPU while 70+fps)

Z370M-D3H (Mboard)


What's going on? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, Mephi00 said:

Maybe its just the engine limiting your fps in a strange buggy way

what to do? other people get good fps why not me?

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I think its quite obvious that higher graphic demanding games requires more power to render more frames hence the higher usage and TF2 dont need that much of power of your GPU so lower usage. I get that all the time too 

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