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Help me buy a gaming mouse (looking at g903)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone!  I'm new here, and I'm sure there are a zillion threads like this, but hey, Linus keeps telling me how awesome the community is, so here I am.


I've been reading up on gaming mice (a lot), and I thought I had it narrowed down to the g903 (I'd prefer the g502 Lightspeed, but it's too bloody expensive--the 903 is $50 cheaper right now).  


Then I read about the dreaded "double-click" problem those mice have.  So, here's my question: is that still a major issue?  Is there something else I should be considering?  I want wireless (this is for a gaming laptop), and I want it not to suck.  I do love me some Logitech free-scrolling, but I could live without it.  I really _don't_ want to spend over $100, but am open to other mice that fit the criteria.  It seems that anything remotely comparable to the g903, performance-wise, is over $100 (except for the g603, which has a scroll wheel problem).  I was also thinking about the g703, but was wondering if it had the same scroll wheel problem as the 603.  


OK, I'll stop rambling now.  Thanks in advance for the help, LTT community!

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at first. the most important thing is... how does the mouse fit your hand, how are you holding it...


"The best, most expensive, max rgb, max dpi" gaming mouse is the greatest heap of crap, as soon as your ahnd doesn't like handling it for a longer time.


I would suggest if you got a electronics store, which has a "petting zoo" for mice, do the test there, how it feels in your hand.


As for logitech and quality... the left and right mouse buttons on my Logi Performance MX have died twice within the warranty time. After the second time I didn't bother to use the warranty, I ordered omron switches and swapped them out my self. Since then "all is fine" (tm by Linus)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've felt most of these mice in person already.  I'm mostly worried about the quality issues being reported with those Logitech mice.  I've used tons of Logi mice over the years, and, I even have an MX Performance at work because I like it so much better than the crap mouse my office gave me to use. 🙂 I'm even typing on a Logitech keyboard (g910) right now, and I love this thing.


What I'm wondering is if the quality on their newest mice has slipped.  I know you can fairly easily swap out switches on the 903 . . . maybe that solves the double-click?


(also, thanks for the quick responses thus far, guys!)

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I am currently using the G903 as I'm writing this, however as an office mouse and not as a gaming mouse.

I just can't get a stable grip wih it when gaming, other than that it's pretty awesome. Perfect for work, but not for gaming in my opinion.

And yes, my left click does have this problem from time to time, but since I only use it for work I don't really care that much.


My gf has the G703, which I also tested for some time, and it has no problems so far after half a year of use.

But I don't like it actually, the shape is not for me.


I also want to test the G502 Lightspeed since I used to game with the G502 for years.


Right now I'm using my 2nd G Pro Wireless for gaming, since Logitech replaced my first one which also had the double click problem.

It's my favourite mouse right now, but that might change since my Model O will arrive soon.


So I would say if you want to go for the G502 wireless, then maybe wait for it to drop in price, if you can.

Or go fot the G Pro Wireless if you want a light mouse. Where I live you can get it for the same price as the G903.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the info!  I'm kinda weird, and I like a hefty mouse (I prefer it to be heavy, with a real smooth glide).  That kinda sucks for me because the trend seems to be going as lightweight as possible.  


I also really like the ergonomics of a right-handed mouse (vs ambidextrous) because, well, I'm right-handed. 🙂  That's another thing that's giving me pause on the g903.  That double-click problem seems pervasive too, so blech.

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19 hours ago, TheEpicDuck said:

I use the G900 personally. If you don't plan on using the lightspeed system i would look for one of those ( If you wanted a 903).

I agree, or you can even grab the G703 and you will like it.  As far as cosmetically differences, don't worry about that as Logitech has the best RMA in the business.  They send you a brand new mouse and you don't even have to send yours back.  :)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I think I'm going to grab the 903 after going hands on tonight (been a while since I've checked these things out in person).  Thanks again for the input, guys!

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I bought the G903 and the first time I used I hated it, just like Anghammarad said, once i used it I didnt like how it felt in my hand. I was also looking for more buttons that I could with my thumb and the g903 only had two on the side.. I decided to returnthe 903 and get the G602. G602 works for me and I think is a good mouse with enough buttons and for a third of a price of the g903.



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Game Keyboard: Logitech G13 Joystick         Mouse: Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse       Headset: Logitech G633 Gaming Headset



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I have the 502 wired and recently got the 703 wireless. I really prefer the size and shape of the 703, being wireless is a huge plus too. 


If if you can find the 703 on sale I’d get it, I paid $65 for mine   


I havent seen the double click happen yet on the mouse but I do know Logitech is awesome with rma’s. I had a wireless keyboard years ago and it was acting up. Emailed them and they sent me out a new one right away 

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PSU: Corsair RM650X

Storage: 256gb adata su800 os drive, 1tb Adata SU800, 500gb Samsung 860 evo

Display: Acer Nitro VG271, 144hz IPS 

Mouse: Logitech G703

Keyboard: Razer ornata chroma 

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