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wd blue 500gb ssd help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

heres a little description to my issue,


so i recently bought a wd blue 500gb ssd i installed it and as far as i can tell the drive its self is working perfectly fine. however when i opened up file explorer and didnt see it listed i thought otherwise, so i checked task manager and all of my drives were detected including the 500gb wd blue, except thats not what task manager called it. according to task manager my wd blue is a "hts721010g9sa00" now before i had a 250gb samsung ssd as my boot drive i was useing an old 100gb hitachi hard drive (which has been removed for quite a while now) and when i search up "hts721010g9sa00" thats the exact same 100gb i was useing! so what i think happened is when i installed the 500gb wd blue my computer gave it my old hitachi hard drives drivers which i dont think i uninstalled.


so i need to uninstall my old hitachi hard drive's driver, how do i do that?


then i need to get new drivers for my wd blue 500gb, ive searched it up on google and i havent found any downloads, could some one send me a link to that? and yes i tried updating the drivers in device manager, my pc still thinks its a hitachi hard drive.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

update: im stupid lol i forgot you could uninstall device in device manager and it gets rid of the driver, i did that now i have the right driver. but i still cant find it in file explorer. until then i dont think its really useable.

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I believe you need to format the disk before you can use it. A trip to Disk Management should do the trick. If you need any help along the way, just remember that Google is your friend. You'd probably want to format the drive as NTFS(unless you have a really specific reason for not doing so).

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