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Phase Change Cooling AIO

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So I'm curious about the fate of Der8auer's phase change, pump-less, AIO cooler.



Whatever happened to this product? I've looked for it and found nothing that suggests it was ever actually released. Care to weigh in on this @LinusTech? That's if you can.

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its a cool concept and im sure that at some level its still in development, but it doesnt take a genius to notice a few problems

-low boiling point, high thermal conductivity fluid is stupidly expensive compared to water and glycol

-a pressure retaining system for vaporized liquid is much more difficult to manufacture than one for low pressure liquid

-such materials for a higher pressure system are also not cheap

You cant just stick this stuff into a corsair H60 and put your radiator on the top of your case. Its going to leak rather quickly from multiple points in the system.


What you end up with when you try and make this into a product is something thats stupidly expensive for an already fairly niche market in a less than large community of people who build their own PCs. Would you pay 300$+ for a 240mm AIO? I sure as hell wouldnt unless i was building for flair. Not many people build for flair.

tl;dr expensive product for a very, very small market of people


If it ever comes to the table for consumers, im almost certain its going to be some kind of limited sale thing or a built to order ordeal.

Degenerate furry trash.

I still use my Athlon 5350.

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