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Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've exhausted everything on why I've always pulled 375 down, now for two weeks, 9mb, techs already been here. Reset router many times, reset on Xfinitys side and pc, used 4 different router ports (latest Xfinity router), 3 different cables, still 9mb. This is a desktop. So I plugged in 2 different laptops, ran the same test, 375 down. Used 4 different ports and 3 cables on both laptops just to absolute eliminate, result was 375mb. So all that's eliminated. Its the desktop responsible....


Also ran Malwarebytes in safe mode, nothing.


I have the full screenshot of this if you need, there's only LTT forum open in 1 tab in chrome.


Do you see anything abnormal in the graphs? Is this showing on and off bandwidth or restraints in intervals? I'm running out of ideas, maybe last thing is uninstalling and re-installing LAN drivers.

Thank You.



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What speed does the ethernet port say it is linked at?

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Looking at the screenshot in the previous topic you made, you were running 2Mbps I/O with 20% network utilization, so it appears that your ethernet link is only running at 10Mbps.  You stated you have already used different cables and different router ports, and have gotten normal speeds with other devices.  This means that the issue is either a driver problem or a hardware issue with the port on your computer.  Try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for your NIC first.  If that doesn't work, it's fairly likely that the ethernet port is failing, but it wouldn't hurt to boot to a linux flash drive and try there just as a sanity check before getting a new NIC.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@Tadrith Thank you. I'm glad its narrowed down to a couple things. And someone mentioned else where to me, to change a setting from default to 10mbps, I did, still 9 down.

So its driver or port. Which if its the ethernet port, thats gonna piss me off, I bought the gigabyte mobo new in October. I even checked to see if all the pins in the ethernet port were 'sprung up' in position rather then when stuck down, no dice they were all good.


And I know zero about Linux unfortunately.


Thanks again! 

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Agree, easiest way, IMO, to determine where the issue lies (hardware or software) is to boot to a linux live CD, check connected speed there and run a test. If its connected at 1Gbps then you know its a software thing with windows. If its still 10mbps, then likely a hardware issue somewhere.


You don't need to know Linux to boot a live CD, just download one (Fedora or Ubuntu or similar) and burn the ISO to USB using Rufus USB on windows. Reboot to USB and check network config. 

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