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New mouse for bigger hands.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

As the title says, I'm in need of a new mouse. I used to have a Func MS-3 that sadly broke on me in the middle of the night, so I had to go to this 24 hour superstore to grab one from their inventory. The choice landed on a Razer Deathadder, as it was the only even slightly appealing option in the store. Now a couple of years down the road, the mouse is starting to break on me, and I'd like it to be larger, as I vastly prefer palm gripping my mice and the size of the Deathadder doesn't allow for that. Reply with your suggestions below and why I should pick it.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Just now, KING OF THE DIRTY DANS said:

G502 is a good bet

Its huge and now has a wireless variant


I don't like the edges, also it's about the same size as the Deathadder.

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Razer mice suck.. At least all the ones I felt at Best Buy felt like cheap garbage.. Not even kidding..


I bought the Roccat Tyon because I have large hands as well and it has a bunch of buttons.. I love the buttons on the right side as they are WAY more useful that the buttons MOST mice put on the left side.. Not even sure how they thought the left side was more functional/good idea because I have to move my pointer finger way out of the way just to use the left ones (I use my pointer finger for the wheel and left click).. Unless I hold my mouse different than everyone else lol.. 


I had the wireless G602 and I NEVER used the buttons on the left because they were awkward, the Tyons buttons are all super easy to press as they're raised enough to feel each button so you know which one you're pressing..


It's great for gaming as well.. I have ZERO issues with it even though it utilizes a lazer rather than an optical sensor.. Best mouse I've ever used. I'm seriously considering buying another one soon before I can't get one like it because I've gotten so use to it.. It uses a shift button under the thumb so you can have twice the amount of buttons as well, but of course you can make the shift anything you want as well.. Completely customizeable..



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Roccatt nyth is really big but it's an mmo mouse with lots of side button although it can be removed individually also it use laser sensor so it might not perform very well for fps gaming. 

Gaming Mouse Buying Guide (Technical Terms,Optical vs Laser,Mice Recommendation,Popular Mouse Sensor,Etc)


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