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I'm in need of a monitor

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Ok, I'm sorry.

I put together the plans and everything to get parts and build a PC by the end of July (I'll put a link to it at the bottom), and I think I will just *barely* be able to pull off getting everything together by then. Then it hit me. My dumb**s forgot about a monitor. There is no way I can fit anything that is worth buying into my budget, and still be able to get my computer up and running before school starts back. So... If anyone has an extra display, idc what the refresh rate, if it's scratched up, if it flickers, but if you have *anything* that I could use to get myself up and running that you would be willing to give away or sell cheaply, I would be glad to cover all costs of shipping and su h (what's the point of paying to give some guy your stuff) If this is possible for you, please do let me know. If you prefer talking in discord, here's my user: MightyMase04#6969 (I was gifted nitro by a friend, I wouldn't pay money for a 6969 tag lol)






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Where in the US are you located? You can pick up the 1600 from Micro Center for $80 and if you buy a motherboard at the same time, they'll give you an extra $30 off the combo, but they only do in-store deals like that.

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The Desktops

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The Laptops

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