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super bad artifacting on dark colors

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So my monitor is a dell S2417DG. im pretty sure it has a TN panel, im really hoping my issues arent a result of this panel. So basically whenever there is a dark scene with any source of color change near it i get some of the worst artifacting I have ever seen. I put the same content on my wife's monitor just to be sure its my issue, and sure enough everything looks fine on hers. I have tried calibrating for hours on end. the only way to get the artifacts to go away is to make the monitor so dark i can barely see anything. I have attached a couple of pictures. All of them are 1440P images set as my background. I have also included one that has a all black part so you can see the issue is only when there is color shifting around the black or grey. I have posted my issue with this before but i have better images now that show the issue more clearly. I'm really hoping someone out there is smart enough to know whether or not i need to do a warranty claim on my monitor. I'm really hoping what im talking about shows up on everyone else's monitor as well. 346242851_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.736579984b3966f82468e13e3d9e1ab5.png346242851_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.736579984b3966f82468e13e3d9e1ab5.png1549782482_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.2477f337641e9fcb224e47887448a997.png

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

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Posted · Original PosterOP

ok i figured it would be an issue with taking screenshots. more pics in one sec. 


My phone overexposes the pictures really bad so its not this bright on my display but definitely noticeable. 





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