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Gtx1080 fan noise change with fixed fan speed

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Lately I started using my pc for couch gaming so noise levels became important to me.

I have a gainward phoenix 1080, which is supposed to be a quiet card, however even if I set the fan speed to a fix one in afterburner the fans ramp up under load, sounding like a jet engine. The strange thing that none of the rpms, actually change in monitoring. 

So if I set it to 1000 rpm fixed the noise is much louder while under load (I tried with superstition and furmark)

I checked every other fans, and it’s the gpu that makes the noise for sure, as cpu even while stress tested is much quieter and my case fans are fixed at 100%.

How could I fix this problem?



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Have you checked the temperature of your card? If it is reaching too high of a temperature I'd assume that the card would override any software telling it to maintain a certain fan speed to cool itself off. Try using Gainward's own GPU monitoring tool http://www.gainward.com/main/download.php?vgapro=980&lang=en I have no experience with it but I'd try using the software that matches the brand of your card before anything else.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

under stress test it doesn’t go above 69-70 so it shouldn’t be that.

i tried expertool also, but sadly same results.


I am starting to suspect that it might be my psus fan, is there any way to test that?

my cpu doesn’t push it far enough I think to start the psu fan on high (5820k). So cpu stress test are out of the question, and I can’t isolate the noise enough to make sure it comes from the psu or the gpu, while running a gpu benchmark.

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