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Realtek universal drivers?

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1 hour ago, Edward78 said:

I love the Nvidia way of doing it, Realtek should.

Ok... but Realtek doesn't read this forum.


In addition, for some reason, nearly all manufactures like to do their own custom driver version of the Realtek chip they select, with their own software panel, despite having a default one from the manufacture. And I don't think Realtek has any interest to do anything considering that their are the biggest DAC+Amp chip manufacture, and their premium chip don't pass $2 and the usual chip solution is only 0.10$, as the manufacture are looking for nothing else beside a free audio chip. The PC market has selected that the great majority of users including gamers don't care about sound. Else, you would have a large market for sound cards. So, Realtek has no interest, or has any gains from going through any hassle to provide you convenience. And it is not like you have a choice. When you buy a laptop or motherboard, you have what you have, and you should consider yourself lucky that the manufacture didn't pick a worse solution like from IDT.


Nvidia does benefits from delivering, practically, a "one driver to rule them all", as its customers looks and value for convenience. It is considering a selling point.

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