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Damage from unplugging pc while on?

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but my question is if damage can occur to hardware in my desktop if unplugged while on? i understand that there could be a possibility that files could be corrupted, but could hardware such as GPU, CPU MOBO, RAM or PSU could be damaged from this? its the first time its happened to me so i really don't know lol thanks. 

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I don't think so. Apart from the HDD might have unrecoverable read errors, corruption... but they can be fixed somewhat IIRC. But anyway, HDDs are pretty cheap now comparatively. If worried about it that much buy a UPS, that will mitigate pretty much all of that, except if you operate it stupidly and let the battery run right out. A half decent UPS will run for at least a few minutes in the event of a power loss, plenty of time to shut it down safely.

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1 hour ago, moonedyou said:


Get a UPS. 

APC makes some good ones. Even second hand they should be able to keep your PC on long enough to be able to shut it down.

Just make sure you get the right wattage

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