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Windows "forgets" second display

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I recently got myself a 2080, I'm running a TV through displayport to hdmi and a monitor through displayport to dvi.
The issue is that everytime I reboot the system, windows "forgets" my TV monitor. When I disconnect the dvi one, windows still attempts to post to the dvi, the bios shows up on the TV though.
Sometimes, just swapping the cables' port fixes it, other times I have to reboot several times over, cutting power multiple times before it finally detects.
I have the latest drivers installed, deleted and reinstalled them once from Geforce experience, once through device manager and their website, the issue still persists. Even after rebooting with the 2080 driver uninstalled, the pc didn't recognize the TV.
I noticed that I have another driver installed, for onboard graphics I presume (Intel UHD Graphics 630), but I'm somewhat reluctant to just uninstall that.
Any ideas on how to solve this? It's frustrating to spend several minutes just to get the display to work, and it's not a hardware issue, so I don't want to replace my TV monitor.
Thank you for your time!

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If only the TV is plugged in when you restart the computer, does it properly display to the TV?


I had a similar issue when I got a GTX 960 a few years back.  It wouldn't display to the monitor after the computer went to sleep, and I had to reconnect the monitor every time I wanted to use the computer.  I tried all different drivers, ports, and other settings, and it still wouldn't work right.  As it turned out, the card had a hardware issue, and a replacement fixed it right away.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sadly it doesn't. The TV is only recognized after plugging it in over and over again, or rebooting, cutting the power, or whatever. It seems pretty arbitrary.
The bios however does recognize the TV when it's the only screen plugged in, but nothing after that.

The dreaded possibility of a hardware issue... I'd like to try more before I consider sending it back.

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