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Packet Loss.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey all

currently suffering from quite bad latency issues in game. I'm really confused because my roommate, which is running off the same internet bandwidth as me and is running wireless too, is not suffering from any sort of lag at all. Also same adapter and we arent far away(just around the corner) so there is the same amount of distance to the router. I normally play overwatch with him and I can't play due to the immense lag i'm getting, causing me to disconnect from games. Speeds are the same(checked on speedtest.net) so i dont understand how this is possible?
if you guys want a video demostrating the lag in action feel free to ask

>Before you tell me to go wired read what i said above thoroughly, I want to know how my roommate is running wireless and not experiencing any latency issues but I am.

im guessing it's probably something to do with my pc itself. any ideas? please ask if you need clarification/ more information i will be happy to respond as soon as i an

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