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Replacing AIO on EVGA 980ti hybrid

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have the EVGA 980ti Hybrid. She's getting a bit long in the tooth, but still runs all of my games well so I still have no plans to upgrade quite yet. However, the AIO is just trashed out now.

Long story short, I am a dummy and didn't realize I put low speed adapters on my radiator fans (I was trying to attach them to my CPU aio) and was assuming the GPU aio was just low on coolant (because my GPU was running about 15C hotter than it did before). After trying to flush/refill the AIO, I stripped a lot of screws and had to use silicon to seal the pump assembly (I didn't have the right tools to disassemble it and was too impatient to buy them and wait.... also I didn't even need to open the pump assembly but I was inexperienced with this so whoops). It slowly evaporates coolant now and needs to be refilled every couple of months. I am using hose clamps on the radiator and that hasn't helped, so it's definitely leaking from the pump assembly (although not visibly).

So I need a new AIO. I contacted EVGA and they said they don't make the kits anymore. I tried asking them if the pump/rad assembly was the same on the new cards and they couldn't help me with that. Any way to check on that?

Also is there a good guide on just sticking a regular old AIO on the card? I have seen the kits that come with a fan for the vrm and everything, but those are overkill for me since my card already has that part covered.

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I've seen mods before that will just mount an AIO, but off the top the only bracket i can think of is the kraken g12, which i don't think you want because of the VRM fan

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