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Dolby Labs: Old Photoshop? That's a lawsuitin - Adobe warns of potential lawsuits for users who don't update.

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37 minutes ago, Lady Fitzgerald said:

Already did. I got divorced from Adobe a while back. The only thing from Adobe I ever used was Flash and Acrobat Standard (Acrobat Standard came with an ADF scanner I bought, then kept updated as needed). I ditched Flash quite a while back because I got tired of having to update it every couple of days or so to close up yet another security hole (and many holes weren't being closed until months after being discovered). I dumped Acrobat Standard when it went to a cloud based, subscription model.


I replaced Acrobat Standard with Qoppa's PDF Studio Pro. It cost half as much as the old Acrobat Standard, had more features (it's feature set is between Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro), was easier to use once I got past the minor learning curve, and did not have to be upgraded when a new version came out to be safe. I like it much better than Acrobat. It has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


I did have Adobe Elements for a short while (it came with a flatbed scanner I bought) but didn't like it so I dumped it pretty quickly.


I miss Adobe like a rootcanal without Novocaine.

Hehe. but I don't use those programmes at all) 

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One of the many reasons I refuse to EVER pay for software as a service, no matter what the software or service is.  If I don't own it, get to keep and reinstall it even if the company doesn't exist anymore, and use it fully offline...they get nothing from me for it.  I'm thankful I have the last version prior to creative cloud subscriptions being required, though often just use alternatives on Linux and the like anyway, since I can't run the latest OSs with that older CS version anymore.


The same goes for media such as movies and music (my CD collection is HUGE!).

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3 hours ago, Belgarathian said:

Ouch... and you're not even that rural either in Placerville.

Kind of on the outskirts actually. 😉


Used to it, not the end of the world, and I'm also a major cheapskate. I use a small Atom laptop to act as a go-between. Even works for Steam games, though it's a pain in the rump to get the client to cooperate without trying to eat my data. It's also possible to download Windows 10 ISOs to perform full feature updates on the desktop this way, though again, not something I like doing often, and usually unnecessary as the desktop lives offline anyway.


No good for Adobe products though, namely LightRoom and Photoshop. Need to eat the data cost to update these, unless I feel masochistic enough to drag the desktop elsewhere. Thankfully they actually launch even out of date, unlike anything on Steam that ceases to work (when Steam detects an available update) at all unless the game gets the (usually multi-GB) update. Hate Steam... 😑

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9 hours ago, r2724r16 said:

No problem, I'll just pirate the newest version.


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Wait, people pay for adobe products?


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I am no fan of Adobe but for some apps they are the only game in town.  As a photographer I use Lightroom to organize, process, and print images.  There really is not a good alternative out there for me.  I was happy on Win8.1 and the stand alone version of Lightroom that I purchased a couple of years ago.  I knew that the product was not being updated but that did not matter much to me until...........I bought a new camera.  the Nikon Z cameras (I have a Z6) require that one migrate to the subscription version of Lightroom as my camera files could not be read by the stand alone.  I did this for $9.99/month which is not a lot in the cosmic scheme of things.  Then I got a big surprise when after subscribing and updating my files still would not open.  It turns out that there is some conflict with Win8.1 (perhaps a dll file) and Adobe does not support Creative Cloud and Win8.1.  Not only did I have to pay Adobe money for the subscription but I had to update my workstation to Win10 in order to use the Adobe software for my camera!!! 


I don't use Photoshop much at all and have stand alone Affinity Photo which pretty much can do all the same stuff.  If someone can create a Lightroom substitute they would get a lot of disgruntled Adobe users pretty quickly.

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Such a shitty and greedy company. Bad move. Them making their suit sub only and quite expensive too was lame already. Also their software is nowhere near optimuzed to leverage modern hardware properly. So lazy for such a big company. Performance should be much better for various of their editing programs. Continuing like this will end them one day.

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Dear god literally half the people responding to this thread didn't even read the article (or even the quotes and summary).




This is for Creative Cloud only. This is not for older paid full versions of Adobe software (pre-Creative Cloud versions). Adobe is letting you know that Third Parites (aka Not Adobe) might sue you for infringement if you're using a really old version of CC that might contain stuff no longer licensed.


You have a problem with that? Take it up with whoever the hell is suing you (not Adobe).


Look, Adobe are massive d-bags. And it seems we love to shit all over them. But please dear god, shit on them for the right reasons.


This isn't one of those reasons.

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