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Arika S

Folding PCs? Lenovo says "yep"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Oh Lenovo, you crazy kids.







The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are making foldable phones a reality, but Lenovo is taking things a step further by announcing the world’s first foldable PC.

Part of Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 line of PCs, the device features a 13.3-inch LG-made OLED display with 2K resolution and a 4:3 aspect ratio. Because the device folds inwards, you theoretically don’t have to worry about the display getting scuffed in your bag.

That said, the quality of the display is the larger concern. Based on impressions from outlets that went hands-on with a functional prototype, the display was dim and had poor viewing angles. Keep in mind that it’s unfinished hardware — Lenovo hopes to launch its foldable PC some time in 2020.


Continuing with the hardware, Lenovo said an Intel processor powers the foldable PC. The company is aiming for a full day of use, with planned support for cellular data. Additionally, the device comes bundled with a Wacom pen and separate keyboard to improve productivity.

As promising as the hardware is, the Galaxy Fold reminded us that foldable devices are still in their infancy. Lenovo told The Verge that it’s working to avoid the Galaxy Fold’s issues. The company is also doubling the testing on its device’s hinge to ensure functionality and reliability.



Lenovo has always been one of those companies that actually release what they announce. it's not the first time they would have released a quirky laptop, their YogaBooks were always a bit of a strange product, but hey, they released them.


it will certainly be interesting to see how each company making these folding devices deals with the screen, the galaxy fold already showed that the screens can crease, which doesn't bode well for longevity or durability.



Software is a different story. Even though the device currently being shown off to press runs Windows 10, Lenovo said the final version won’t run Microsoft’s OS. That opens up more possibilities for software to better take advantage of the foldable PC’s unique form-factor.

sooo. ChromeOS. There's no other OS that would "make sense" though ChromeOS already doesn't make a whole lot of sense and given that they are asking potentially upwards of $2000 it's going to be a super niche device like most of the other premium ChromeOS devices


And unless they make the "base" much heavier that then rest of it, it's going to be awkward as hell to use as a "laptop" because of, you know...physics





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3 minutes ago, Arika S said:

And unless they make the "base" much heavy that then rest of it, it's going to be awkward as hell to use as a "laptop" because of, you know...physics

Just having to use a touchscreen-based keyboard would make it awkward and unpleasant as hell.

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4 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:

samsung: hey guys check this out!

samsung: crap hang on nevermind

Lenovo: hey guys!


alternative gag: isn't foldable PCs.... laptops??

That was my first thought. My second was that they would make an ultrawide laptop with the folding screen using two folds. Instead they're making a beefy folding tablet. WHY?

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That's called either a laptop or a foldable tablet.

Not a PC.

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Foldable PCs have already existed in another form. 


It's called a laptop 

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this is great and also a really awful idea. typing would be torture but if the aspect of the unfolded thing is nice i kinda still want one

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46 minutes ago, Enderman said:

That's called either a laptop or a foldable tablet.

Not a PC.

I mean if you're really arguing semantics, it is technically a personal computer.


Is it what some enthusiasts immediately think of upon hearing "PC"? No, but that doesn't change it being one.

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Someone feed that PC some parts; the poor dear is wasting away!


13.3" @ 4:3 ... That's just gross. 

I could see something like this if it were more like a sheet of paper(8.5 x 11) actually being useful.  Not OLED so much, but something more like a folding E-Ink tablet could be nifty to load up all of a students textbooks onto.  However I likely won't be interested until I can fold it into a 'paper airplane' or at least roll and unroll these screens sorta like a poster.

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Folding PCs?

internet says no!

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So it's a huge tablet that folds, you can watch movies on really big screen or use it as if it was a laptop. As a guy who likes tablets a lot, I dig it, but it's definitely going to be out of my budget.

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A fliptop?

A lapflip?



I feel i will always have reservations about these folding screens. Curve (Sweeerrrve) TVs were somethng that didnt appeal to me but i kind of get it for immersion with monitors.


I also have reservations about the longevity of these screens... a bit like how you can break a credit card in half with enough wiggling.

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3 hours ago, ravenshrike said:

My second was that they would make an ultrawide laptop with the folding screen using two folds.

i really want to see razer do project valerie 2.0 now o_o

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If they supply this with a monitor stand so that this can be used as an AIO PC with dedicated mouse and keyboard and you can easily take it away from the stand and use it as an "emergency" laptop then fine.

Otherwise nope, nope, nope.... dont make people type on a display. It never worked, it will never work... so many tried, so many failed.

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5 hours ago, GoldenLag said:

oh dear lord. that would kill my fingertips with the lack of keyboard. 

It'll be like typing on a current gen MacBook keyboard.

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neat... it wont sell well and im not buying one

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