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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well, i did some cable management on my pc and now my 2nd drive does not like to load things, i have like 300gb in movies that now i can't even see becouse the drive disconnects when it loads stuff.

That video shows the problem. Also yesterday i was able to see a movie but the drive got disconnected like 3 times while watching it so i had to re-open the file and put it where i was. Now i can't even load them

How can i fix this problem? When i did the cable management i changed the sata cables of my drives becouse one wasn't working, now that i got out that drive, another one is malfunctioning.

And sorry if my english is bad, i'm not used to write in it

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This feels like a bad drive. Try using crystal disk info to see if there are any reported errors.


Could also be that there is very heavy disk usage loading all of those thumbnails.



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Make sure everything is plugged in firmly and that there's nothing broken. Those SATA connectors can be fragile, and I'm not sure if it's possible for it to partially break and lead to odd malfunctioning like this. Also do some benchmarks on the drive and see if those match up with what would be expected for what you have.

"uhhhhhhhhhh yeah id go with the 2600 its a good value for the money"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This has been happening since i changed the sata port of this drive on the motherboard. Crystal disk does not report any error. Could it be becouse i changed the drive's port?

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Changing the port shouldn't be a problem, as long as it wasn't your C drive.  It is also possible that the port on your motherboard could be bad.  Do you have another open port to try?  Maybe another cable, too?  How about another computer to connect the drive in?  Make sure the power cable is firmly connected as well.

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