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Graham Carter

Play Store - 1 Harmfull App Removed

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Rocking my beloved Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and recently noticed the below message in the play protect section of the store 



The annoying thing is that pressing the refresh button states "play protect is scanning" and then returns with the same message stating "1 Harmfull App Removed" 


Anyone seen this before? There doesn't seem to be a log of either what named app was removed and again the message does not dissappear 


Anyone got any suggestions? 

Software status below... 


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I've not had any apps removed so I'm not certain, but if you tap the banner (not the refresh icon, but somewhere else on "1 harmful app removed") I believe it gives you more information.

I don't work for Floatplane Media, so any Floatplane comments that I make are my own and may be incorrect or in conflict with the official view.


For Floatplane support, please use the wizard linked in this topic

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hmm yeah tapping the title did appear to expand out however there was no extra info or app name... There was, an option to hide, which when tapped removed the notification 


Think will just chalk this up as an anomoly 

I'm a seasoned android user and don't install dozens of apps like the old days


Hey ho 

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I had a few retro console emulators "removed for Harmful behavior" a while back. Wonder if this is a similar scenario. 

If I don't respond, please tag me in your post. I'm probably AFK or responding to someone else. 

Fine you want the PSU tier list? Have the PSU tier list: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1045610-new-psu-tier-list/

Stille (Desktop)

i7-8700k @5.0Ghz - Cryorig H7 Ultimate - 16GB Vengeance LPX - Armor GTX 1080 - SanDisk Plus 480GB - Crucial MX500 500GB - (2x) WD Red 2TB - EVGA G3 650w - Corsair 760T

Macbook Pro 2015 (Musicians live and die by these, unfortunately I need one. :/
i7-4980HQ (Liquid Metal mod) - 16GB DDR3 - Radeon M370X (Liquid Metal mod) 

El-Sleepo (ProxMox server)

2x Xeon E5-2667  - 48GB ECC DDR3 - Quadro 4000 - Dell H310 HBA (Flashed with IT firmware for JBOD) - 320GB HGST HDD (Proxmox Host) Kingston 128GB SSD (FreeNAS devID passthrough) - 2x4TB Toshiba N300 HDD

Corsair CX series Power Supplies are fine


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