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iPad Air 2019 or iPad Pro 2018

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so I am looking at an iPad, this will be my first iPad, to replace my older laptop.

Over the last 6 months I’ve used my laptop less and less and moved more to my iPhone XS.

But being the filthy casual I am my gaming is more on iOS these days, and I’ll be getting the arcade when that comes out.


so I am looking at which iPad, I would obviously spring straight for the pro, but is the price justification worth it? 

Ill also be using it as a notepad/drawing book.





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hey there,


so I got an ipad pro 10.5 and performance wise I would say that all these newer processors in ipads will do just fine - also for gaming.

basically the pro is great if:

- you enjoy good quality music for a tablet with the 4 speaker setup (I must say, to this day the speakers impress me alot)

- you want 120hz for gaming. if you only game on mobile this shld be a big plus

- would use the pencil for signing and editing pdfs etc, which helped me alot when dealing with longer SPAs. Didnt have to print them, make note categories etc. etc.

- if you want a more reliable keyboard experience (smart connector) than just a bluetooth keyboard. i got this, e.g.: https://www.amazon.de/Logitech-Tastatur-Case-beleuchteter-Smart-Connector-Tastatur-Layout/dp/B072X3HQWC/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=logitech+ipad+pro+10.5&qid=1557057448&s=gateway&sr=8-5

this is IMO a truly amazing keyboard experience, despite me having quite big hands.

- you want usb C


I must say I really enjoy working with it, some things are just so much easier than on pc, other things cld drive me crazy and I end up going back to taking my T480s with me all the time haha. It all depends on your workload and choice of program though.

One thing though: Im not sure if I recall correctly, but Ive seen the newest iPad Pro is bending again? maybe you can find out. A refurbished 10.5 could be a good "middle path" for you maybe? - I just really want to keep Touch ID.


All in all this is my tip: Ive had iPad Airs, Minis and 1 Pro. Definitely go with the Pro. An iPad is a luxury product, because if we are honest, we can do all that work just perfectly in some other way. But the speakers, usb c, 120hz refresh rate, keyboard options, pencil, overall quality and battery life make it one hell of an experience, and for me its the only segment in which apple is actually doing good and not tryna sell me garbage.

THAT IS, if the new isnt bending, which Im not sure about right now. If it is , then just forget usb c, as you wont have meaningful usb c accessories anyways and go for a 10.5 or sth.


happy to hear back from you, greetings

chris !

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How about iPad Air 3 vs. iPad Pro 10.5" last gen?


Similar Price, and the Pro is better.

Stereo speakers, 

120 Hz display with much lower input Lag from pencil (if you draw/write fast enough, you will see the difference), 

better Camera (document scanner)

4gb Ram vs. 3gb.


Air 3 only has a newer SoC, which has like 20% faster  CPU Cores.

ipad Pro 10.5" 's A10X Chip however has a better GPU included.



In my Opinion, right now:


iPad Pro 2018 > iPad Pro 2017 > iPad Air 3 > ipad 2018


Chose by what you want to spend.



Keep in Mind, iPad pro 2018 will be the most expensive one, but you will mainly pay for:

- modern design with Face-ID

- Apple Pencil 2 which charges MUCH MUCH better by just sticking it onto the iPad, and also offers a double-Tap feature

- .... well that's it. Obviously, more performance of course. But for drawing / digital note taking you probably won't notice a difference there. Unless you do alot of heavy multitasking or something like that.


Still it's valid to go for the iPad Pro 10.5", if you can save 250-300 bucks over the iPad Pro 2018.



Edit: i personally bought like 13 months ago, and went for an iPad Pro 10.5" over a MUCH cheaper ipad 2018. Laminated screen, stereo speakers, 20% larger screen, 120 Hz.. is a HUGE bonus for me, and i enjoy it every single day.


Also, consider going for 256gb over 64gb, if you want to keep it for many years, or untill it really gets too slow for what you do (many many years...).

If you're not carefull, and install many apps, and save many files (especially Videofiles... Like saving some offline Movies or something), 64gb will be full quickly.

If you never save big files, 64gb should be fine - you can always sell it later, and re-buy a newer model. iPads keep their value quite good, like all Apple Products.

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